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Creating Youth Leadership for Responsible Action

For something that seeks to go beyond boundaries the idea of Anhad Pravah was seeded with the intent to contribute back to the city of Indore. It was started in 2013 with an aim to create safe space for young people to learn, explore, build new perspective, read, interact with each other and take responsible actions. Anhad works with youth and adolescents of Madhya Pradesh from diverse backgrounds through leadership journeys, campaigns, workshops, exposure camps and sessions. Anhad Pravah is supported by Pravah, Delhi and is a member of ComMutiny the Youth Collective.

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Our Approach

We believe that Sustainable social change emanates from individuals equipped with right values and attitude. Students (adolescent and youth) are at a stage where they are keen to understand themselves, eagerly exploring interpersonal relations, and questions about life. The right kind of intervention at this stage increases the possibility of ensuring a generation of future decision makers who value harmony, diversity and peaceful co-existence. Our Approach is centred on the values of building participant’s self awareness, interpersonal relationship skills, and ability to impact society.

5th Space - What We Offer

5th Space

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Anhad Pravah believes that a society has four spaces for young people which are- family, Friend, leisure and career where a young person is judged on some scales. Whereas 5th Space is a space where one can be as he/she is - without conditioning, constraints, conflict and judgement. With people and relationship old and new; where youngsters can understand and develop themselves; where conflicts can be turned in to opportunities, a space to engage with the world by building a deeper understanding of individual actions. 5th Space focuses as much on the self transformation of youth as it does on transforming society through them.

This is a space where young person can avail structured exposure opportunities such as workshops, internships, club, volunteering and also hang out, interact, learn, access information, experiment, build relationship with people beyond borders of caste, creed, gender and region.





Keep asking probing questions to yourself till you get uncomfortable.

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