Towards Leadership4. Walking the talk

You have come full circle and are in a position to facilitate the journeys of others and take one of your own. Here you can become a Youth Facilitator or start your own Entrepreneurial Experiment with Anhad Pravah.

Making Choices

Youth Bol

Had Anhad in collaboration with The Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3 India) did Youth Bol campaign to understand and create awareness about health related issues among young people. This campaign was entirely led by the Youth facilitators and Volunteers of Anhad Pravah. Young people rarely have any say in designing health policies and programs and youth voices have been largely missing in the hallways of power where youth agendas and policies are formulated. This time it’s changed, and gave opportunity to 10-24 year olds from across India to make their voices count for health. In this campaign we reach out 3000 youth in Indore and Rajgarh districts.


I participated in Youth Bol campaign. It was very interesting for me because I was unaware about the health issues, in this program they explained about health and we filled our health related needs in the form. I learnt about how I should be aware and take care of my health. Ankit

Feel the Gap

Evolved from volunteer’s one year journey at Anhad Pravah, it was a campaign to probe exclusion that exists and happens at various public and familiar spaces and with people from different identity groups.

The volunteers collected data on people’s experience of discrimination through sessions and Nukkad Natak. Campaign reached out to 800 people from various colleges and institutions.. After data analysis they organised 3 days film festival on inclusion to share insights from the survey and to create awareness on the issue.

Purani kahani nayee soch- Jati kyon nahi jaatee?

During one year intensive journey in 2015 the volunteers took lead and designed another campaign called Purani Kahani Nayee Soch. On the basis of time, bandwidth, capability and excitement of the core group, the campaign was conceived to work with adolescents and youth on breaking stereotypes on caste.

‘Purani kahani nai soch’ – Jati kyun nahi jatee?’ was done with the adolescents at two places. One, Government Middle School in Kulkarni Ka Bhatta, and second was Shivaji Nagar Basti. Volunteers designed a 20 hours curriculum that was implemented with 60 students following which public events were organized at these 2 places to create awareness in the communities.

Theatre Group - चुप्पी तोड़ हल्ला बोल’

A Three days Theatre Workshop was organized to reflect on one’s self experiences of social exclusion and go deeper to understand issues of social inclusion and exclusion based on identities such gender, caste, sexuality, religion, disability etc.

The workshop led to creation of a nukkad natak group-चुप्पी तोड़ हल्ला बोल’- which was co-created, co-designed by the participants. This group has done total 7 performances reaching out to approximately 200 people.


“Through this theatre workshop, I was able to find and put into action the hidden talent in me”: Amit