Towards Leadership1. Making Choices

Creating Youth Leadership for Responsible Action

A million choices to make, roads to take, and a fun way to find out your inclination and views about multiple issues that you see around. An opportunity to explore your personality, values and sometimes just meet an inspiring person who has dared to follow passion and in all this process choose your own path!

Making Choices

Samvidhan Live

The jagrik Project (A national campaign by Com-Mutiny – The Youth Collective)

Anhad Pravah in collaboration with Com-Mutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) has been doing a public campaign since 3 years, Samvidhan LIVE - The Jagrik Project. Owning by Samvidhan – A game with the young, by the young and for the young! The campaign was designed for young people to build their understanding of constitution through experiential discoveries over six weeks in their own area. Over 150 young Jagriks performed activities and developed capabilities to solve challenging real life situations and assess them through the lens of constitutional Rights & Duties and over 500 young people were reached out create awareness about the Constitution.

A participant’s experience

हर्ष होशंगाबाद का रहवासी है और वह इंदौर के SJMC कॉलेज से अपनी 1st year की पढाई कर रहा है। जब उसने यहाँ प्रोग्राम में भाग लिया तो उसकी यही उम्मींद थी कि वह यहाँ सिर्फ संविधान के बारे में जानेगा, उसके अधिकार और कर्त्तव्य के बारे में समझेगा।

"जब मैं मेरे एक टास्क के दौरान कचरा बीनने वाले बच्चे से मिला शायद उससे बातचीत करने के दौरान मुझे उस बच्चे की परेशानी से ज़्यादा उसकी ख़ुशी दिख रही थी। क्युँकी वह अपने काम और ज़िंदगी को लेकर संतुषट था। मैंने सोचा की मैं तो कैसे ज़रा सी बात पर परेशान हो जाता हूँ| यहाँ मुझे एक अपने समझ के बाहरी सुंदरता से परे होकर, उसे भीतर से जानने का मौका मिला और असली सच्चाई के बारे में पता चला । यही घटना सोच कर मैं अभी भी परेशान हूँ, लेकिन मैं यह परेशानी रखना चाहता हूँ। जिससे मैं इसकी अहमियत समझता रहूँ। - हर्ष”

Inward Bound

It is a journey which starts with self. During inward bound workshop participants learn about themselves and their personality. After understanding the individual personality and self, it is always easy to make choices in life.

We have done these workshops at Acropolis Institute for technique and research as well as Acropolis Management institute and Management Institute of Indore Public School Academy.

My Space - My Action

Youth Adda initiated by the volunteers at Anhad Pravah to create the office space as a place where we hold weekly sessions and discussions on various social issues. In this space a young person can interact, learn, access information, experiment and build relationships and- don’t miss the part- hang out with us! During these sessions on Volunteers explored different aspects related to self and society through varied activities.

Some glimpses of what happens here -
Know Your Personality

A session designed on personality types. The simple questionnaire with fun and reflective questions and situations helps volunteers and participants understand their personality better.

Goal Of Life

Participants understand the importance of asking right questions, gathering skills rather than just concentrating on marks or results and also to generate decision making ability.

Kabad Se Jugad

Young people create various products using waste material for their personal use as well as for the Anhad Pravah, which is used in the office.

The Unmanifasto Campaign

The Unmanifesto campaign was initiated to provide the youth of our country a platform to express the expectations they have from prospective leaders and political parties. In this event participants voiced their demands to representatives of various political parties. The ultimate goal was to bridge the gap between the manifesto makers of political practices and young people’s expectations.

The campaign had 45 partners in 20 states and two union territories reaching 1.2 lakh young people on ground and 14 lakh people online. More than 80,000 concrete expectations and demands were collected. The campaign reached 100 politicians and approached 15 political parties all over the nations and about 350 young minds joined the regional event at Bhopal and asked questions to representatives of political parties. The journey of the UnManisfesto started in September 2013 and went on until the Lok Sabha Elections in May 2014.

UnManifesto’s (10+1) youth powered manifesto made its way to the to the manifesto making bodies of many national and regional parties and we saw many of the promises from our list making appearance in manifestos of Congress, AAP, BJP, CPI(M), Trinmool Congress and DMK. The Campaign also succeeded in catching the attention of media with widespread coverage in regional, national and regional newspapers as well as electronics media channels.


“I also feel disconnected with politics, but now I will research about who I vote for and be aware of politics.” Ganesh Depale

“After the session I feel connected with politics… I will start making people aware about Postcard Voting.”- Ojas Patle, SGITS

Passion And Profession

Number of times youngsters are not able to decide between passion and profession or don’t know how to convert the passion in profession or how to follow both? During these sessions people who are able to balance these two aspects are invited to share their learnings with young people. People from different sectors like youth development professionals, activists, industrialists and international journalists have been our guests during these sessions.

Movie Screenings

Movie screening of 5th Space films, short films, documentaries and feature films touching various issues. These sessions are followed by Charcha, Chai and Nashta!